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Inspired by his mother, who put his brothers and him through law school, he has been committed to serving the law and his clients with integrity. He lives up to his promise of giving his full service to every case that comes to his door. Noel looks out for your human rights and your everyday interests so the people who come after you also have equal opportunities. His philosophy is: For every level of success that one person achieves, someone who came before had to take it on the chin.

Noel Took Important Cases Since the Beginning in 1982
Noel Daley founded his practice in 1982, and his first case was in October 1982 as Assistant Legal Counsel for the joint Federal-Provincial Royal Commission on the Ocean Ranger Marine Disaster. Honoured by a permanent monument on the grounds of the Confederation Building, seat of the provincial government, the entire crew of 84 men lost their lives when the Ocean Ranger offshore drilling unit sank in the waters east of St. John’s in February 1982. The suit was settled for 20 million dollars and led to tougher regulations and better safety equipment for future offshore oil rigs. Every year the anniversary of this important case is recognized, and he is still dedicated to providing the same energy and vision to his clients’ cases today.

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